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At the initiative of the International Union of Theater Critics, an international scientific online conference "Theater Online" will be held on May 11 at 11 am Tbilisi time on the Zoom online platform, with the participation of representatives from 12 countries.

ქუთაისის თეატრმა 160-ე სეზონი გახსნა

მსოფლიო პანდემიამ ადამიანთა ცხოვრების წესი მნიშვნელოვნად შეცვალა. ეს მოვლენა,რა თქმა უნდა, ქართულ თეატრზედაც აისახა და ახალი გამომსახველობითი ძიებები დაიწყო. ერთ-ერთი აქტუალური საშუალება ღია სივრცეში სცენისა და დარბაზის მოწყობა გახდა.

გაიგე და დაინახე მეტი

თეატრის კრიტიკოსთა საერთაშორისო გაერთიანების ინიციატივით, 11 მაისს თბილისის დროით 11 საათზე ონლაინ პლატფორმაზე Zoom  გაიმართება საერთაშორისო სამეცნიერო ონლაინ კონფერენცია „თეატრი ონლაინ“, რომელშიც მონაწილეობს მსოფლიოს 12 ქვეყნის წარმომადგენელი. 

Understand and see more

The first Batumi International Festival is attended by world-famous leading theater companies and troupes from Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey, selected by the Board of International Directors / Experts. Within the framework of the festival, a "show case" will be held, where the audience will have the opportunity to see the performances of the theaters operating in Adjara.

Drunk enough to say I love you?

I personally have not seen all of the performances nominated for this year's "Duruji". When it comes to a title with such a challenging title and financial scale, I think the play needs to be of a repertoire nature. In my opinion the theaters should try their best to periodically show the nominated performances. The main purpose of this is to prevent any false opinion in the society regarding specific performances.

Eristavi Theater Competition

Eristavi Theater continues to support young directors and announces the competition "GATE 35"
Young directors up to 35 years old can participate in the competition.

International Art Theater Festival "Gift" starts

We are glad to inform you that this year Mikheil Tumanishvili International Art Festival "Gift" will be held from October 19 to November 19, 2019 in the central theater halls of Tbilisi. In the 22nd year since the festival was founded, theater and art lovers will have the opportunity to learn about the highest quality artistic achievements that make up Europe's cultural heritage and promote Europe's fundamental values.

Ozurgeti Theater returned to Georgia with three prizes

After a successful tour in Bulgaria and Ukraine, Anna Petrova and Nevena Miteva's play "Kiss" took part in the Maltafe International Theater Festival, which featured seventeen theaters from ten countries. Turkey itself was represented at the festival by seven theaters.

Premiere at Poti Theater and tour

On September 23-24 in Poti, on September 26 in Tbilisi, Gribodov Theater, on September 27 in Gori, on September 28 in Akhaltsikhe Poti Valerian Gunia Professional State Theater will hold a large-scale premiere.

Press conference

September 17, Tuesday at 11:00 (Atoneli Street, Orbeliani Square)
The first press conference of the Tbilisi International Theater Festival - program presentation.