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Zugdidi Drama Theater

1868 is considered as a start for the professional theater in Zugdidi. In 1868 from the letter published in the newspaper Droeba, which notifies about staging the first play “Forced doctor” in Zugdidi. Professional theatric art development starts this way. After several years from this event, “Venice Merchant” by Shakespeare and “Scapen’s pranks” by Moliere was staged in various places of Samegrelo district.  In 1897 “Tsnobis Purtseli” provides information regarding the plays by the students from Zugdidi as follows: vaudeville “Hunter” by V. Gunia, “Baikushi” by A. Tsagareli. Since 1998 the scene-lovers from Zugdidi are leaded by Nikoloz Bukia. He staged “Gakra” by G. Eristavi. At the same time the plays are performed in the families, on the balconies of the houses, on the extempore stages and the halls of the barrelhouses.

In 1907-1908 theatric “Workers drama circle” was established by the Social-democrate party. The mentioned drama circle was working in efficient manner and was outstanding by the quantity and thematic variety of the staged plays. 125 scene-lovers were unified in the Workers drama circle. It is a well-known fact that Lado Meskhishvili, Shalva Dadiani, Valerian Gunia, Alexandre Imedashvili, V. Urushadze had tours to the Zugdidi Theater.

The first director of the Zugdidi Theater was Mr. Alexandre Tirkia and Vakhtang Garik was invited as a director. In 1932-33-34 the Zugdidi Theater troupe which consisted of 32 actors, successfully impemented the first plays, since that the theater was granted with title of Zugdidi State Theater. In 1947 construction of the theater, which started in 30s, was finished and premieres were held in the new building of the theater.

Work of the director Vaso Kushitashvili recognized in European theatric world is noteworthy, which established famous Parisian theater-atelier. The repertoire of Zugdidi Theater became more academic and attracted attention of the spectators and theatric society of the county. On 22 June 1948 V. Kushitashvili staged “Hay and dog” by Lope de Vega.

Since 1958 the head of the theater was art expert and famous person Alexandre Egutia for 27 years. It was so-called Golden Age in the history of the theater, when the culture life was flourishing and the town lived the theatric life.

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