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Zestafoni Drama Theater

Construction of the current building of the Zestaponi Theater started in 30s of the 20th century, but process was delaying because of economic issues in the country, due to the WWII and it opened only in 1962. It was constructed according to the project of architect Sh. Tavadze. The three-floor building is constructed in classicistic style, which makes it outstanding in the town.

There is one big stage in the building, hall accommodating 505 persons. The hall decorated with crystal chandelier. Exhibition space is arranged in the lobby.

Billiard room, buffet and other facilities are in the cellar, but as the building has never been reconstructed, cellar and other spaces, small stage, vestibule are in poor condition, that’s why big part of the theater building can’t be functionally loaded. Since 2012 we managed to renovate dressing rooms, washrooms, wardrobe room and couple other spaces via the theater budget and donations. Spectators’ chairs were also renovated and stage curtain was changed.

The theater building rehabilitation project had been prepared and we hope it will be renovated soon.

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