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Tskhinvali Theater

Tskhinvali Theater is one of the oldest theaters in Georgia, counting almost one and half centuries and is internally displaced within own country. The name of the theater is connected with outstanding Georgian public figure Ivane Machabeli, since the day of establishment. The first charity performances were staged under his and his brother’s Zaal Machebeli leadership in Tskhinvali. The first written note about it was found in newspaper Droeba (1875, 12. 09. N104), where we read: ”Divorce” by G. Eristavi was performed in Tskhinvali on 31 August, Sunday”. Since that day performances became more intensive in Tskhinvali.

Georgian troupe achieved multiple success. Artistic leadership of the theater was frequently changed. Outstanding actors were participating in separate plays of Tskhinvali Theater during various years: Veriko Anjaparidze, Erosi Manjgaladze, Gogi Gegechkori, Ramaz Chkhikvadze, Tengiz Maisuradze, Givi Berikashvili.

In 1990 Georgian troupe fulfilled a dream of many years after a great effort: Tskhinvali Georgian Theater was established as a separate structure and was named after Ivane Machabeli.

At the end of 80s and beginning of 90s of the past century Georgian-Osetian relationships aggravated, which directly reflected on the being of the Georgian Theater. In the beginning of 1991, the whole troupe of the theater became internally displaced and hid themselves in the capital.

Artistic way during being internally displaced was extremely difficult. In spite of wandering in different buildings and numerous problems, Tskhinvali Theater created worthy repertoire and acquired own spectators in Tbilisi. At that moment artistic director of the theater was Gogi Gabilaia.

Since 2011 director Gocha Kapanadze was assigned as an artistic director of the theater. Creative development period started. Repertoire became more diverse.

In 2017 the theater turned in the street one more time was sheltered by the Ministry of Culture and provided testimony of the plays of the Tskhinvali Theater on the small stage of the Rustaveli Theater.

Nowadays major priorities of the theater are following: orienting on the national dramatury, popularization of modern Georgian drama, enhancing of educational function of the theater, searching-activating international contacts, field performances, especially serving residents near the occupation zone and compactly settled internally displaced persons.

In 2019 with the help of the Ministry of Culture, the theater was granted with the space in Tbilisi, Petriashvili street, needing reconstruction. Project-construction activities are going at this moment.

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