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Sokhumi Drama Theater

Complete title of the theater

Year of establishment

Legal form of the theater

Agency to which the theater is a subject

The official address of the theater



Phone number of administration (City phone, mobile)

Phone number of the box-office (City phone, mobile)

Social network address

Artistic director of the theater (first and last name, profession, e-mail)

Director of the theater (first and last name, e-mail)

First and last name and position title of the Head of the Public Relations Service of the theater

Total quantity of the staff

Quantity of the actors in the theater

Ticket prices and tariffs

Is the facility adapted for the PWD (yes/no)

How many km away is the theater from the capital

Are there any café, restaurant, book store or other facilities in the theater (if applicable, please specify)

Quantity of the stages and their titles (e.g., big, small, roof, cellar, rehearsal, workshop, etc.)

Can the spectators use free internet in the theater lobby (yes/no)

Sokhumi Konstantine Gamsakhurdia State Professional Drama Theater



Ministry of Education and Culture of Authonomous Republic of Abkhazia

0102, #68, Dimitri Uznadze str, Tbilisi, Georgia

Official e-mail of the theater:

E-mail of the artistic director of the theater:

Department of the International Relationships:

+995 32 295 77 72, +995 599 85 54 52  

+995 577 14 01 04





Davit Sakvarelidze, Director,

Jaba Jaiani,

Ana Kvinikadze, Head of the Department of International Relationships

Staff - 42, Freelance - 10, Total: 52

Staff - 20, Freelance - 1, Total: 21 actors

The tickets are sold by the places in the hall, standard price for each play:

The first three rows – 12 Gel, Other rows – 10 Gel.


The Sokhumi Theater operates in Tbilisi

The spaces of the theater for the café and book-store are under construction.

One stage – big;, One rehearsal;



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