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Poti Drama Theater

The curtain of the Georgian theater in Poti was first open on 17 February 1882 and since that day, Poti was called a theatric capital. The first plays performed in the theater were “Butiaoba” by Akaki Tsereteli and “Sophio” by Al. Tutaev.

Since that stage-lovers had almost continuous seasons.

On 29 October 1925 theater received the State status and it was headed by Iuza Zardalishvili.

In 1928 Poti State Theater was transformed in Workers’ State Theater and Boris Gamrekeli became its director.

On the renovated stationary, renovated theatric facility troupe starts work since 1936, under the guidiance of Niko Godziashvili.

Theater is called after Valerian Gunia since 1963.

In 1985 reconstruction of the old building was complete, which was solemnly opened on 14 January. The troupe presented before the spectators on 27 March with premiere of Medea – Evripide.

On 31 March of that year, little spectators saw “Gosling” by Gernette and Gurevich.

In 2000, in the hall in the dome of the building, “Prohibited” by N. Basilaia was performed.

In March 2005 the theater left the building upon the requiest of Georgian Church Patriarchate, which restored cathedral in this building.

Since 1 March 2006 theater restored functioning in the building of the Folklore Center, where the first play was staged on 29 August 2006.

“How we loved each other” – Nakhutsrishvili, Bedeladze.

On 31 May 2014 the theater celebrated opening of the new building with concertic and theatric shows. The first premiere was performed on 25 July 2014. Hamlet by William Shakespear. Director David Mghebrishvili.

Since 2019 there is renovation in the theatric building and it still functions in the Folklore Center.

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