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Poti Drama Theater

Construction of the new building of Poti Valerian Gunia State Professional Theater was started in 2005. It was solemnly opened on 31 May 2014. Theater building project author was project firm “latelite” and architect is Lado Khmaladze. The new building is designed for total 607 spectators. The Poti Theater building has a modern architectural design. There is only one big stage in the Poti Theater building. Open hall with a big and deep stage falling apart, equipped by the modern, multifunctional lighting, allows spectators to percept the show completely. The stage has a high ceiling, with good acoustic capabilities. In general, the theater building is multifunctional. Both plays and concert shows can be performed on the stage, as for orchestra, or for the individual performers. The theater has one big lobby, which can be used both for conferences and various purposes. The building has several facilities, dressing rooms and rehearsal spaces. Nowadays the construction-rehabilitation activities are done the Poti Theater.

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ფოთის დრამატული თეატრი
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