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Ozurgeti State Professional Drama Theater

Ozurgeti Alexander Tsutsunava State Professional Dramatic Theater is one of the oldest hubs of Georgian culture. Also, Ozurgeti Theater is the first and only theater in Guria at this moment.


Theatric art history in Ozurgeti is related with Mamia V Gurieli (1789-1828 წწ.). The first notes regarding holding performances are protected in the Ozurgeti Historic Museum Funds, which are related with his name. We found information regarding the fact that Mamia V Gurieli organized saloon of European type in his palace in various written sources and memories, where the works of foreign and Georgian writers were not only read publicly but the scenes from the famous works were staged.


In Guria (as in the whole Georgia of that period) and particularly in Ozurgety home-performances were often held. The performances were held in private homes, libraries-reading places, schools and public gathering halls. Famous figures, directors and actors of Georgian theater came out from that scene-lovers circle: Evelina and Cecilia Tsutsunavas, Alexadre Zhorzholiani, Vaso Urushadze, Alexandre Tsutsunava, Atato Beburishvili, etc.


1868 is considered as a date of establishment of Georgian theater in Ozurgeti by the outstanding researchers of Georgian theater history: Vasil Kiknadze, Guguli Bukhnikashvili, Kote Ninikashvili, etc. The note published in the newspaper (N 10; 1868) Droeba confirms holding of performance: “Georgian performance  has happened in Ozurgeti, to help the local school. Unfortunately we know details about it by this moment.”


In 1895 circle of scene-lovers was headed by Alexandre Tsutsunava, subsequently one of the founders of Georgian cinema and Georgian professional directing, after whom Ozurgeti Theater is being called.

Since 1902 troupe was so strengthened that was led tours in other cities too. Since that the theater celebrated multiple creative success. It overcame great difficulties at the end of twentieth century.


The theater conducts international theatric festival after Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze, also it participates in international festivals of various countries of the world, from which it turns back with prizes.


In 2019 Ozurgeti and Genichesk friendship established in 1938 was renewed  by the initiative of the theater and the tour in Ukraine. In 2023 the theater will celebrate 155 years since its establishment.

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