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Ozurgeti State Professional Drama Theater

The building of Ozurgeti Theater is one of the large-scaled in Georgia. It represents an important cultural object and is considered as a visit card of Ozurgeti. The building has a status of the Georgian cultural monument. Architects Vano Kadeishvili, Kote Chkheidze, sculptors Ts. Topuridze, Japaridze, ceiling art by A. Kutateladze, architectural style is neoclassic. Existence of artistic pano conditioned the fact that Ozurgeti Theater hasn’t chandelier.

Total volume of this giant building is 43.000 cubic meters, height 24 meters, diameter 75 m x 40 m, number of floors 5, space 4000 m2.

The theater has spectators’ hall for 402 persons, with two tiers. Tiers are carved with ornaments of Georgian style. Parterre is half-circled, with seats deployed in principle of amphitheater. The length of stage 15 m, width 20 m, height 18 m. Moving mechanical circle of 13 meters in diameter is placed in the middle of the stage.

Foundation of the building is groomed with granite, external walls with white stone, it is roofed with tin. The theater has a cellar of big volume (50 m3).

The present building of the theater was constructed in 1933-61 years. After that it underwent complete rehabilitation with support of Qartu foundation in 2016-2020. During the rehabilitation period Ozurgeti Theater held the plays in Gurianti Culture House and other alternative spaces.

Nowadays the building is equipped according to the modern standards. Two full-fledged stages, new dressing rooms, radio-studio to record radio-plays, requisition facilities, choreographic halls, a room for museum, art-decoration workshop, etc. are located in it.

The building is customized under the modern standards and is adapted for PWD.


Before coming to the present rehabilitated, comfort environment, Ozurgeti Theater changed several locations: in 1914 with leadership of famous figure of cinema and theater and meacenas, resident of Ozurgeti Germane Gogitidze cinema building was constructed in Ozurgeti, with a hall for 250 persons and movable stage. It was the first electricity-lightened building in Ozurgeti.


In 1920-38 the theater was settled down in the “Garden theater”, in the building with iron carcases and logs, which was called “Veneer Theater” by the people. Since 1938 the theater moved to the former military building, since 1933 construction of the present building was started.

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