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Kutaisi Drama Theater

The Kutaisi Drama Theater is 160 years old.

On 3 March 1861 in Kutaisi, in the building of the Public City Council, the first Georgian theatric performance (“Gakra” by G. Eristavi) was staged by participation of scene-lovers, what marked a new start in the history of Georgian theater. This date is considered as a birthday of the Kutaisi Theater.

In 1885 the professional theater was established with a leadership of Kote Meskhi. Kutaisi self-government awarded by the building in the city center, with leasing right, where the theater was functioning almost during 70 years.

In the period of 1894-1905 the Kutaisi Theater was headed by the great Georgian actor, director and public figure Vladimer (Lado) Alexy-Meskhishvili.

In 1928 by leadership of Kote Marjanishvili, another state theater was established in Kutaisi (Kutaisi-Batumi Theater).

In 1939 the new theater building construction was started, which lasted for 16 years.

In 1940 the Kutaisi Theater was named after Lado Meskhishvili.

On 5 November 1955 the new building of the Kutaisi Theater was opened solemnly.

In 2009 the Kutaisi Theater building was awarded by the architectural monument status.

In 2008 small stage with 100 places was opened. In the adjacent halls of the small stage the museum reflecting theater history is placed.

In 2008 a literature saloon was opened on the second floor of the theater, in the main lobby of the mezzanine.

In 2011, 16 graduate actors from the “Kutaisi target group” of the Tbilisi Theater University joined to the theater troupe. Both local and invited Georgian and foreign directors stage plays in the Kutaisi Theater.

In the period of 2009-2019 the stars of five honored actors were opened in front of the theater. Both classic and modern works of Georgian, Russian and European playwrights are in the theater repertoire.

In 2020 the Kutaisi Meskhishvili Theater became a member of the International Convention of the European Theaters. It actively and successfully participates in the international theatric festivals, within the country and abroad, in the international exchange programs, has collaboration memorandums with the drama theaters of various countries, organizes tours, hosts friend and European Convention member theaters.

In 2020 the theater acquired new open space – Green Theater.

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