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Khulo Drama Theater

Construction of the theater building started in 1934 and started exploitation since 1937, it underwent complete rehabilitation in 2010-2011. Exterior and interior of the building was completely changed, stage was enlarged, amphitheater was constructed in the spectators’ hall, lobby for actors and spectators was arranged, dressing rooms were organized, stage ceiling elevated, the stage was equipped via technical means. Central heating was installed in the whole building.

ხულოს დრამატული თეატრი.jpg
თეაყტრის წინა ხედი.jpg
მსახიობთა ფოიე (2).jpg
თეატრის გვერდითა ხედი.jpg
მსახიობთა ფოიე.jpg
მაყურებელთა ფოიე (2).jpg
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