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Gori Drama Theater

One of the most important moments of the history of Georgian theater of XIX century was establishment of the theater in Gori. On May 1 and 8, July 11 and August 7, 1845 scene-lovers staged comedy by Dimitri Meghvinetukhutsesi “Inexperience or temporary separation of love”. The process of recovery of Georgian theater and development of Georgian drama started exactly from Gori. This process was headed by Giorgi Eristavi, which premiered his own play “Gakra” in Tbilisi, 14 January 1850, with his like-minded companions.

In spite of modern studies, official establishment date of Gori theater is considered as 26 July 1865, the day when G. Eristavi’s comedy “Stingy” was shown publicly.

It is important that multiple women participated in Gori stage art since beginning, when they avoided such activities elsewhere and in Tbilisi.

At the end of 1939, new building with 500 places was constructed for the Gori Theater, which was called after Giorgi Eristavi. Numerous outstanding actors and directors worked in the Eristavi Theater since the day of establishment until now.

The theater actively continues creative activities.

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