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Gori Drama Theater

In 1920 Gori was fully destroyed due to the earthquake. Almost every building ruined, including the building where the performances were held. City population rusticated.

It is worth to mention the fact that in 1920-1930 scene-lovers began taking the plays in the villages of Gori district. It was a great novelty for that time. The village population got familiar with the theatric arts, what was news for them.

Since 1934 the executive committee of Gori started construction of the theater building, as the existing building didn’t satisfy the requirements of the city. The spectators required the theater building.

At the end of 1939 new building with 500 places was already completing. The construction project was by Shalva Tavadze.

The new building of the theater was opened on 21 December 1939. The first show on the new stage was on 30 January 1940 – “At the passage”, drama by Ioseb Gedevanishvili. Director P. Prangishvili, artist – A. Zhordania.

Nowadays the theater building consists of two parts:

The first – major building has historical meaning, having a status of cultural inheritance. Another part is a newly built administrative part.

At this moment 3 stages are functioning: big, small and little one.

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