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Dmanisi Drama Theater

The Dmanisi Theater was established in 1990, by the initiative of Georgian scientist Jumber Kopaliani.

On 19 January 1990, by the leadership of Public Actress of Georgia Zinaida Kverenchkhiladze and blessing of the Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II, the premiere of the first play “My pen” was held in Dmanisi (Director Temur Chkheidze).

In 1991-1994 due to the famous political events, the Dmanisi Theater stopped functioning.

Since 19 January 1995 the theater continues its activities.

On 14 May 2003 according to the order of the President of Georgia LEPL Drmanisi Drama Theater “Kvemo Kartli” was officially established and it was awarded with the building for free, for the theatric activities.


Since 2012 the Dmanisi Theater is named after Zinaida Kverenchkhiladze and has a status of Professional State Drama Theater.


On the various stages, the theater was headed by: Zinaidan Kverenchkhiladze, Jumber Kopaliani, Nana Bokuchava, Zeinab Subeliani, Kote Mzhavia.

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