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Dmanisi Drama Theater

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The Dmanisi Theater hasn’t own building and functions in the building of the Culture Center.



In 80s, by the leadership of Emzar Beridze, building of the Culture House started in the center of Dmanisi. Local resident Spiridon Moseshvili contributed a lot. The construction was delayed and completely stopped during the famous events of 90s. After that incomplete building was continuously robbed and destroyed.


In 1996 the theater administration renovated two rooms by own funds, to give the building the patron and stop its further robbery.


At the end of 90s the World Bank allocated some amount for Georgia directed to solve the social problems. 250 thousand dollars were allocated for Dmanisi. The theater administration managed to receive 50 thousand dollars for the Culture House, local administration added 20 thousand Gel to this amount and renovation activities started.


The project was prepared by Davit Jincharadze. Construction works were done by Colmsheni (director Giorgi Muradkhanid). Due to the lack of funds, the building was roofed only with felt, major and rehearsal halls, washrooms were renovated. The minister of Social Support of that time Tengiz Gazdeliani allocated additional 7 thousand Gel to purchase the plank and arrange the stage. The chairs ready to arrange the parterre were stored elsewhere and were saved from the robbery. The minister of Culture Sesili Gogiberidze allocated 5 thousand Gel by the request of the theater administration, for procurement of curtains and stage lighting.


On 30 October 2002 the theater building was solemnly opened.


(Jumber Kopaliani “Make a kindness”)

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