Chiatura Drama Theater

In 1949 the Tchiatura Theater settled down in the building, the construction of which was started in 1945, as soon as the WWII finished. The achievement of the building is the painting of the hall plafond, by the Georgian artist Robert Sturua. The theater façade is embellished by the sculptural image of Akaki Tsereteli by the sculptor Valerian Topuridze.

During past couple years the condition of the Tchiatura Theater building aggravated. The theater hall hadn’t been renovated since 1979. Due to absence of the ventilation system, which was damaged in 70s, the building is increasingly getting damp, what especially aggravated during the pandemics.

Nowadays emergency help is needed for the hall floor and wall art by Robert Sturua senior and represents unique portraits of the Georgian actors.

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შავ-თეთრი ფოტოები დაცულია საქართველოს ეროვნულ არქივში