Batumi Drama Theater

Construction of the Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theater (#1, Rustaveli str., Batumi) started in 1939, according to the project of architect I. Teplitsky, but due to start of WWII, construction was stopped and completed only un 1952. The building façade is decorated with 8 proportionally distanced columns. Semicircle spectators’ hall is located in the building, via parterre, amphitheater and 3 tiers. The massive crystal chandelier of the spectators’ hall was manufactured in one of the factories in Moscow. The spectators’ hall ceiling is painted by Benedict Taligaer (Beno), also he painted the ceiling in the spectators’ columned hall, on the Vepkhistkaosani topic. The experimental theatric space and rehearsal hall is located on the 3rd floor of the theater building. Also, the theater has a new theatric space New Stage, functioning since 2015 (#32, A. Melashvili str., Batumi).

The theater is equipped with modern stage devices, it has assistive facilities and workshops. The theater underwent reconstruction in 2019.