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Akhaltsikhe Puppet Theater

On the basis of City Culture House of Akhaltsikhe, by the initiative and facilitation of the director of the City Culture House Rusudan Sisauri Tamazi Nemsadze (actor of the Meskjeti Drama Theater) as a head of the dramatic circle was invited in 1981, which established the puppets circle with participation of the Culture House staff. He staged three plays and the Puppet Theater was established in Akhalthikhe this way.

In 1989, by the agreement of the director of the City Culture House Rusudan Sisauri with the district leadership, and negotiations with the director of the Tbilisi Puppets State Theater Nodar Ionatamishvili, new stage of the theater began and in the period of 1989-2011 years, Nodar Ionatamishvili worked hard, he staged more than 27 plays for the following success of the theater, which was followed with the relevant result.

In 1990 the theater was granted with the title of the theater-studio “Vardzia” established under the Union of the Theatric Figures of Georgia.

During this period the theater had a great success in the creative work, in 1990 it was participating in the first Republic Festival of Georgia, where it represented high level via other state theaters and was awarded with honor diploma.

In September 1990, the theater had a tour in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Further the theater didn’t slow down the working pace and had the tours in every city of Georgia: Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Rustavi, etc. Also, it was participating in the first international festival in Kutaisi in September, 1996. The theater had a great success in here.

In 1997, first time in the history of Georgia, the theater from Samtskhe-Javakheti had a tour in Erevan, Armenia, where it performed with great success and deserved great gratitude from the Georgian embassy.

Since 1 September 1997 the theater was awarded by the title of “Akhaltsikhe Puppet Regional Puppets Theater”. Since that moment, the puppets theater started working with more effort and diligence. The theater took responsibility to take care of the development of Georgian language and speech in non-Georgian population of the region.

Since 2003 the theater became legal entity under public law “LEPL Akhaltsikhe Puppets State Theater”.

In 2012 the theater changed its location and moved to the territory of castle-museum Rabati, where it stayed until 2017. Due to the lack of the space and location far from the major part of the city, according to the written request of the theater administration, agreement between the Ministry of Culture and local municipality was made, and the theater returned to the old location at #18, Kostava str.

Since 2013 the theater became “ Akhaltsikhe Puppet Professional State Theater”.

Since 2013 until now, the artistic director of the theater is Vakhtang Koridze.

Numerous interesting directors had been invited within this timeframe, the theater repertoire was updated, new plays were staged, also existing plays were updated and modernized.

In 2017 renovation of the theater building was over, the building was equipped with modern lighting and sound machinery.

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