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Akhaltsikhe (Meskheti) Drama Theater

The history of the Meskheti Theater starts since 1874. It changed status multiple times during the years, and since 1967 it was called Meskheti State Drama Theater.

Meskheti Theater is a cultural hub of the Southern gate of Georgia, serving multinational population of the whole region. The theater prepares 6-7 premiere plays for each season by the directors of high creative authority.

Meskheti Theater had received highest rewards from the multiple international theatric festivals. During the whole period of its existence, it was holding tours both abroad and in the capital of Georgia and various regions, followed by the great admission and popularty.

The major distinctive dignity of the Meskheti State Theater during whole period of its existence are youthful boldness and enthusiasm. Creative process had never stopped since the day of establishment. Theater repertoire includes works of both classic and modern writers from the world and Georgia.

Once every two years the theater holds the theatrical festival of dramaturgy, in which 20-25 leading theatrical teams take part.

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