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about us

Modern Georgian Theatre Research Center aims: Conduct permanent scientific and sociological researches in all acting theatres of Georgia, collect and deliver all information concerning the circumstance of the theatres to the relevant structures. Support the creative studies and works of all interested people through the practical researches; Research preparation and publication, related to the contemporary Georgian dramaturgy and history; Organize the scientific conferences, symposiums, seminars dedicated to the problems of the contemporary Georgian theatre; Organize seminars, meetings and other events to provide the professional training of theatre figures and increase their creativity level; Assist and consult to the theatre collectives to form the repertoires, to search and deliver new drama plays, to choose the pieces of stage works for individual figures; Assist and develop the theatre criticism; Reveal new creative forces, work with youths and support their professional development; Have the right to produce a theatre product and  make it familiar with a broad society, in cooperation with the Study Centre of the University and other Centers; Being permanent partner of a private, university or state theatre  and conduct the creative works in collaboration with them; Integration of modern Georgian theatre into the university life; Implementation of international practical or theoretical co-productive researches 



The Specific Objectives of the Centre: 

  • The Contemporary Georgian Dramaturgy 

  • The Contemporary Georgian Theatre 

  • Theatre Governance and Management 

  • Research of Contemporary Theatrical Experiments and Practical Implementation  

  • Creation of Co-Products on International and National Levels 

  • Development of the Semiotics of Theatre in Conjunction with the Research Centre of Semiotics 

  • Scientific Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

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